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Long-term support

Family ownership is truly long-term by nature, and the current owners are already fourth generation entrepreneurs in the family. Far-reaching decisions that support sustainable development are also characteristic of family businesses.

WEST Invest Group is committed to the long-term development of its companies within their respective industries. In addition, it aims to develop its real estate holdings. 

Profitability is the starting point for all our activities, and we develop this work together with our Group companies. Their updated strategies aim at not only growth but also improving profitability through customer focus and enhanced processes. 

WEST Invest Group had consolidated net sales of 55 M€ in 2022. 
The net sales including Filter Group was 88 M€ in 2022.

Social responsibility

Our Group employs experts in a wide range of fields, including sales, energy and the technical trade, planning and projects, and maintenance.

Environment responsibility

The sustainability programs and setting of targets of Group companies are part of the development of our systematic sustainability work that began in 2023.