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Typically long careers

Our Group employs experts in a wide range of fields, including sales, energy and the technical trade, planning and projects, and maintenance.

Our employees typically enjoy long careers with us. We recruit employees of different backgrounds and ages according to the needs of our companies. 

As far as possible, we try to offer study-related work placements for employees of different ages to help them acquire or maintain professional skills. In addition, we strive to offer young people opportunities to get to know working life in short periods of on-the-job learning or familiarisation with working life. 

Employee wellbeing and safety 

We encourage our employees to increase their own wellbeing, and our employees have access to a modern and versatile gym with saunas at our Kerava location. Our employees also have the opportunity for outdoor activities and sports at our holiday apartment in Levi all year round. In addition, we offer comprehensive Epassi benefits not only for exercise but also for culture. 

Functional, equal and fair human resources management is vital in terms of occupational wellbeing. We have introduced regular training for all supervisors within the Group. The training covers not only the responsibilities and requirements of supervisory work, but also communications and the supervisor’s own ability to cope. 

We ensure the occupational wellbeing and job satisfaction of our employees by means of regular employee surveys. 

Preventing accidents is central to our safety work. We have notification channels for both near-miss and occupational safety observations. With these notifications and other preventive safety measures, we aim to ensure the safety of the work environment and the work being done. 

In 2023, we introduced a whistleblowing channel. The channel enables both our employees and our external stakeholders to anonymously bring suspicious activities to the company’s attention. 

Employee development 

We encourage and support our employees in developing their professional skills during work and in their free time. Competence development is planned, for example, in discussions between supervisors and their subordinates. 

The WEST Academy, which operates within the Group, organises training in different topics. These training modules can be open to a specific team, company or all employees. The WEST Academy will expand its activities in spring 2024 with the introduction of an online learning service. 

The online learning service will provide our employees with access to thousands of different training modules related to, for example, digital and work life skills, IT, HR and management. During 2024, we will also define certain mandatory training for all our employees, the completion of which will be monitored. 

Corporate citizenship 

WEST Invest Group participates in a number of ways in promoting wellbeing in society. For years, we have supported various non-profit organisations and campaigns either nationally or locally. 

In autumn 2023, we aligned the Group’s sponsorship and donation practices. At the same time, we introduced an internal WEST stipend, which allows our employees to propose a recipient of support, for example a children’s or youth sports club or a non-profit organisation that is important to them. The first stipends were drawn in early 2024. 

We support youth sports in particular. For example, in our cooperation with the Lahti Pelicans ice hockey team, it is important for us to also support the club’s junior activities. In addition, we sponsor a player on the Happee floorball team who also plays for the men’s national team. Supporting sidecar racing is also important to our company, as the sport has a decades-long tradition as a hobby of the founders of our family company. 

Each year, we donate funds reserved for Christmas greetings to a non-profit organisation. The funds for 2023 were directed to the Good Holiday Spirit collection of the Finnish Red Cross and the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare. 

Financial responsibilty

Family ownership is truly long-term by nature, and the current owners are already fourth generation entrepreneurs in the family.

Environment responsibility

The sustainability programs and setting of targets of Group companies are part of the development of our systematic sustainability work that began in 2023.