We want to do the right thing 

We strive to maintain an atmosphere of openness and high ethical standards in all our business activities. Safety and the trust of all parties related to our business are of primary importance to us. Our whistleblowing channel allows you to report suspected misconduct anonymously. 

Each of us has an important duty to report suspected misconduct that is incompatible with our way of working. This gives us the opportunity to prevent or correct possible misconduct. However, you cannot or do not always want to report a suspicious situation using your own name. 

When should I use the whistleblowing channel? 

The whistleblowing channel lets you express your concerns about something that does not comply with our values and operating methods, and which may have serious consequences for our organisation, a specific individual, the environment or society. 

How do I submit a report? 

You do not need to have evidence to support your suspicions, but reports must be made in good faith. All reports are treated confidentially. 

Submitting a report is easy and safe. When you submit your report, you will receive an ID and password on the screen. Save them in a safe place, as you will need them to track the processing of your report. Please note that due to anonymity, the password cannot be recovered, so it is very important to save the password. As the case progresses, you can refine and supplement the report, and you may be asked additional questions. All communication is anonymous. Case-specific identifiers allow you to track how the processing of your report is progressing. 

Only submit reports in good faith 

Our whistleblowing channel should only be used in situations where you suspect genuine misconduct and unethical activities. Reports must always be made in good faith. 

Submit a report