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We have started the development work

WEST Invest Group’s operations also have significant impacts on the environment. The sustainability programs and setting of targets of Group companies are part of the development of our systematic sustainability work that began in 2023. 

The energy efficiency of our properties, sorting waste, improving recycling and transportation are important aspects of our environmental responsibility. At our new premises in Kerava and Kempele, we have increased energy efficiency by installing motion detectors that dim and turn off lights automatically. We use geothermal heat in Kerava and green district heating in Kempele. In addition, we have installed solar panels in Kerava and Hollola. 

In transportation, we cooperate with partners who, for their part, take environmental issues into account. In addition, our partners are only companies that have fulfilled all their obligations in accordance with the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations. 

Among Group companies, Hyxo Oy has had ISO 9001:2015 quality certification since 1996. Enico also has ISO 9001:2015 certification, and our other companies have internal quality processes and policies. 

Our goal is to initiate the development of measures that increase the wellbeing of the environment and define environmental policies for selected business activities. 

WEST Invest Group companies have diesel-powered vans that are used especially for maintenance tasks. For our employees who have the option of a car benefit, we recommend a hybrid or electric car. 


At our new premises in Kerava and Kempele, the efficiency of waste sorting has been taken into account in order to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. Our common facilities have separate collection bins for biowaste, plastics, cardboard and mixed waste. Bins for paper and cardboard can also be found in all our office and storage facilities. 

We share information on our intranet with employees on how to recycle waste and encourage them to sort it. In order to promote recycling, we removed trash cans from the offices at our Kerava premises at the beginning of 2024. 

In logistics, we generate waste due to the various packaging materials needed for product storage and transportation. We have paid attention to the efficiency of recycling in this regard, and we recycle everything possible. For example, we reuse both cardboard boxes and pallets from packaging materials. 

We also strive to use recyclable materials in our own warehousing activities whenever possible. We separate unusable cardboard and wood for waste collection, and plastics are also sorted. 

Hyxo Oy and KMV-tuotteet Oy are registered in Sumi Oy’s producer community. Sumi Oy is a packaging industry association that promotes packaging recycling. It is responsible for the implementation of the statutory packaging producer responsibility of around 4,000 companies in Finland.

Social responsibility

Our Group employs experts in a wide range of fields, including sales, energy and the technical trade, planning and projects, and maintenance.

Financial responsibilty

Family ownership is truly long-term by nature, and the current owners are already fourth generation entrepreneurs in the family.