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Valmet partners with Ubitec in project to deliver flue gas condensation system to Vantaa Energy  

Ubitec Oy will deliver to Vantaa Energy all installations related to the electrification and instrumentation of Valmet’s flue gas condensation system for the new high-temperature plant that is being completed. 

The agreement with Valmet was signed at the beginning of the year and is significant for Ubitec. The project is expected to employ 15–20 installation technicians at Ubitec. The installation work will begin around May-June and will be completed in December 2024. 

“In this project, Ubitec is responsible for a comprehensive package that includes the implementation of process and building electrification, as well as the instrumentation work, including testing,” says Leo Nokelainen, Managing Director of Ubitec. 

Exceptionally extensive delivery 

Ubitec and Valmet have had strong cooperation in the past. Similar flue gas scrubber projects have been carried out in recent years, for example, in Kokkola, Finland, and Pärnu, Estonia. Nokelainen believes that the effective cooperation facilitated the signing of the new agreement. 

“For our part, we have implemented projects with Valmet on schedule and with high quality. It is part of our way of working that we always try to pull together with the client’s team and react flexibly to changes,” Nokelainen says. 

“This new technical delivery by Ubitec is very similar to our other typical process industry projects, such as boiler plant projects. What makes this new agreement special is that, from our point of view, it is an exceptionally extensive delivery for a flue gas process.” 

When completed, Vantaa Energy’ss high-temperature plant will process waste classified as hazardous and unsuitable for recycling. The flue gas condensing equipment will recover the heat generated in this combustion process, which can then be used to heat properties in Vantaa. The waste heat from the plant, which will be completed in July 2025, will reduce the use of natural gas and fossil fuels and support the transition to clean energy production. 

“It is important for us to be involved in projects that support future climate goals and promote the green transition,” Nokelainen confirms. 

More information

Leo Nokelainen, CEO, Ubitec Ltd, tel. 040 575 0607.