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Höyrytys Oy’s updated strategy meets the needs of capacity markets

Höyrytys Oy’s updated strategy is strongly based on the change in the energy market and meets the needs of the capacity markets. The aim is to be a service company whose technologically and commercially advanced expert and backup energy services ensure the availability of vital energy for domestic industry in all phases of the life cycle. 

In order to enable stronger service production than before, the Höyyrtys organisation was also renewed. The new organisation clarifies and streamlines the company’s delivery processes. 

“Service model and technology changes are clearly visible in our market. It is noticeable, for example, that electrification is gaining momentum. In addition, the nationwide fluctuation of electric energy is creating demand for electric boilers, energy storage and gas engines, for example. These have been taken into account in our strategy. Since our operating model too has been changed to a service product-oriented one, we are better able to respond to the changing and different needs of our customers,” says Risto Nupponen, CEO of Höyrytys. 

Backup energy services for various needs 

The company’s operations focus on service contract-type products that are based on mobile energy plant solutions. The goal is to develop and offer even more versatile mobile solutions for both short-term and long-term needs as a backup energy service. 

Although new forms of energy are changing the market, the company is not ruling out any specific energy source. 

“We have solutions that use electrical energy or liquid and gaseous fuels. Industry is electrifying at a rapid pace, but liquid and gaseous fuels will also have their own role in the future, especially in terms of security of supply,” states Nupponen. 

In the company’s maintenance service business, the usage monitoring, maintenance and on-call service of customer sites are carried out as before. In addition, small projects and improvements to overall productivity are implemented as an expert service. 

“For us, productivity means reliability and high efficiency. All our services and solutions are related to safe and efficient energy production. This enables our customers to make energy production economically viable,” says Nupponen. 

More information

Risto Nupponen, CEO, Höyrytys Oy, tel. 010 417 4610.